It's Never Too Late to Save [PDF]

It is never too late to save, and by choosing to save today, it can be done, even if your retirement is not far away.  Set realistic goals, consider all possible monetary resources, close your savings gap, play a smart game of catch-up, zero in on your retirement income, juggle your expenditures wisely, and calculate how much you’ll need for retirement, in order to prepare for a safe financial future, no matter how close or how far away it is.  All of this, and more, is discussed in “It’s Never Too Late to Save.”

Just Starting Out [PDF]

As you build your career, it is important to save for all of the exciting events that are waiting for you down the road.  Plant the seeds for financial security by capitalizing on tax-advantaged savings, be a smart saver, and learn the many ways you can save, through a variety of methods such as stocks (equities), bonds, and mutual funds.  The handy Choose to Save checklist provided in “Just Starting Out” is full of helpful savings tips that can help you prepare for all of your retirement needs.

The Magic of Compounding [PDF]

If you start to save early and keep at it, you can benefit and achieve dramatic results from compound interest, enabling your money to rapidly grow throughout the years.  Start early to save more money as you manage your risks and maximize your returns.  Discover how to go for the savings bonanza and catch the savings fever to ensure a lifetime of financial security in “The Magic of Compounding.” 

Maximizing Your Company Savings Plan [PDF]

There’s a lot to like in 401(k) and other employer-sponsored savings plans, such as the ability to choose your own investments from a range of investment options, a chance to save pre-tax dollars, an easy way to save for retirement, and the possibility of “free money” from an employer contribution.  Learn all about these benefits and how to make the most of your plan in “Maximizing Your Company Savings Plan.” 

The Power to Choose

Americans are living longer, and consequentially, are spending more time in retirement.  Have you thought about how you will spend that time, or how you will afford those retirement dreams?  The key to a successful retirement strategy is a well thought-out plan.  Retirement planning is not rocket science.  You need to determine what sources of retirement income will be available to you, whether you will be able to collect full Social Security benefits when you retire, if you will receive a pension from any of your employers, and whether you will be able to supplement your income with part-time earnings or rental income.  These questions and additional suggestions are provided in “The Power to Choose.”

Saving For Your Family's Future [PDF]

Discover how to focus on tomorrow and set some long-term savings goals through a variety of methods, such as planning for two-pronged savings, thinking long-term, knowing your education and retirement savings options, and building a personal savings program. 

Save For Your Future Booklet - English version [PDF]

There are four basic steps you can take to ensure a secure financial future: Determine how much money you may need for retirement or other goals, plan how to accumulate money and other assets to help meet your needs, act to implement your plan and save the money you and your family may need, and reassess your financial needs and the progress of your plan every year.  Find out your financial goals and how you can save enough money for your future in the “Save For Your Future” booklet. 

Cómo ahorrar para su futuro- Spanish version [PDF]

Hay cuatro pasos básicos para que pueda asegurar su futuro financiero: Calcular cuánto dinero pueda necesitar para la jubilación u otras metas, planificar cómo acumular dinero y otros bienes para alcanzar sus necesidades, tomar acción e implementar su plan, y ahorrar el dinero que usted y su familia necesitarán, y finalmente, volver a evaluar sus necesidades financieras y el progreso de su plan cada año.  Determina sus metas financieras y como puede ahorrar suficiente dinero para su futuro en la guía “Cómo ahorrar para su futuro.” 

Top Ten Ways to Beat the Clock and Prepare for Retirement

Learn the 10 simple ways in which you can prepare for retirement decades in advance, ensuring yourself a secure and financial future.  Learn how opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), knowing your retirement needs, and starting to save now can greatly contribute to a comfortable retirement with the “Top Ten Ways to Beat the Clock and Prepare for Retirement.” 

Why Open an IRA? [PDF]

There are many different savings vehicles that can bring you financial security.  The individual retirement account (IRA) provides you with a valuable opportunity for tax-advantaged savings.  Choose the IRA that is right for you with a handy chart that compares the traditional vs. Roth IRAs.  You can also learn about a variety of other IRAs, including the spousal IRA and an individual retirement annuity.  Know the ABCs of IRAs to make an informed decision in order to choose your appropriate savings vehicle.