Please Consider Becoming A Partner of ASEC

Changing people's behaviors - especially in the area of saving and planning for their retirement - cannot be done overnight. But the country has a greater opportunity than ever before to win at savings education if we pool our resources. We need your help, support and enthusiasm. Please consider becoming a partner of ASEC.

ASEC Partnership Levels:

  • Charter Partner ($50,000 annually)
  • Sustaining Partner ($25,000 annually)
  • Full Partner ($10,000 annually)
  • Mission Partner - Individual or organizational donations welcome but not required

ASEC Partnership Level Descriptions

ASEC Partnership Application

What Kinds of Organizations Can Join?

Nonprofit Organizations
Government Agencies
Membership Organizations
Think Tanks
Academic Institutions

Why Should Organizations Join ASEC?

Connecting Organizations
ASEC is THE major national forum for organizations to meet and discuss the challenges we all face in trying to persuade individuals to save money. ASEC hosts two large meetings each year where partners have the opportunity to network with other organizations. The ASEC Government Interagency Group (GIG), made up of 30 government agencies, meets to discuss government-specific initiatives and how to build and enhance partnerships with the private sector.

A Policy Voice
ASEC gives a voice to the urgency of the savings issue in our Nation's capital and around the country. ASEC and its partners played pivotal roles in planning two National Summits on Retirement Savings (SAVER Summits) in 1998, 2001 and 2005. The purpose of the Summits has been to increase awareness of the importance of retirement planning and to identify ways to promote greater retirement savings. As a nonpartisan source of information, ASEC staff and member organizations provide expert testimony on Capitol Hill, and frequently participate in panels and conferences about saving and retirement planning.

A Resource for the Media
The media look to ASEC and partner organizations for expert commentary on the most pressing savings and retirement issues the nation faces. From the Wall Street Journal to The Washington Post, the New York Times to Newsweek, and from CBS MarketWatch to NBC's Today, Black Entertainment Television, and Parents magazine, ASEC has been called on as a "go to" source on personal finance.

A major catalyst for media coverage on savings is the annual Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS). The RCS is the country's most comprehensive and long-standing study of the attitudes and behavior of American workers and retirees toward all aspects of saving, retirement planning, and long-term financial security.

Consumer Outreach
ASEC spearheads a number of initiatives to educate the public about the importance of saving. Choose to Save (CTS) is an Emmy award-winning, multi-media public education campaign. The Save for Your Future™ partnership with the Social Security Administration produced media events and community meetings encouraging people to use the annual Social Security Statement as a tool for retirement planning efforts. The Facts on Saving and Investing Campaign was launched in 1998 to encourage Americans to get the facts about how to achieve financial security.

Savings Materials and Tools
ASEC and its partners have developed several brochures and tools to assist people on the path to economic security. The flagship offering, the Ballpark Estimate®, is both a retirement planning app and an interactive online calculator that has helped millions of Americans. Other popular items include: The Power to Choose; Top Ten Ways to Beat the Clock and Prepare for Retirement; and the Choose to Save® 6-brochure series.

ASEC also offers online tools such as the Retirement Income Quiz and Retirement Personality Profiler, as well as a variety of calculators to help people better manage their finances., visited by thousands of consumers monthly, is the premiere Web portal for financial education and links to additional resources from our ASEC partners.

For more information on becoming an ASEC Partner, please call Lori Lucas at (202) 775-6320 or e-mail and indicate the nature of your inquiry in the subject line.


The EBRI Board of Trustees and Executive Committee

  • ASEC is a program of the EBRI Education and Research Fund. As such, the EBRI Board of Trustees and Executive Committee have ultimate legal responsibility for ASEC and all other programs and activities of EBRI and EBRI-ERF.
  • ASEC, like some other programs of EBRI-ERF, is funded primarily by direct participants in the program, in this case partners, who provide funds to support retirement planning and savings research and education.
  • ASEC, like some other programs of EBRI-ERF, has committees or task forces that are made up of program partners/participants. In the case of ASEC this is the Charter Partner Group, the Policy Board, and other committees and task forces that may from time to time be established.

The Charter Partner Group

  • Will be made up of the EBRI CEO or designee, the ASEC program director, and a primary and alternate representative from each Charter Partner institution. One vote per organization. Most of the work of this group, since it is small, will be done through email and phone calls, rather than meetings.
  • The Charter Partner group will focus on three main areas: 1) helping to set the direction for ASEC program activities and initiatives; 2) advising and assisting with efforts to grow and promote the coalition; and 3) seeking consensus agreement on issues such as which organizations and/or individuals should be on the ASEC Policy Board, the number of ASEC partner levels, what committees are needed, agenda ideas for Policy Board and partner meetings, which organizations should become ASEC partners, etc.

The Policy Board

  • Will be made up of:
    • Members of the Charter Partner Group (One primary and one possible alternate per organization.)
    • Members of the Sustaining Partner Group (One person per organization.)
    • Representatives of the “ASEC-GIG” government agencies (SEC, DOL, Treasury, DOD, OPM, IRS, SSA, FRB, USDA, GSA, AOA, FTC, SBA, FDIC) (One person per federal agency.)
  • The Policy Board will provide the primary means of information sharing and program leveraging across the government and private partners in the ASEC program.
  • Others who can help to shed light on particular topics and issues of interest to the Policy Board members may be invited to attend meetings.
  • The ASEC Policy Board will meet twice each year on the day prior to Partners’ meetings. A dinner will be held following the meeting. Other guests may be invited to attend the dinner including: additional invitees requested by someone from the Charter Partner group; representatives from the media; individuals representing different Congressional offices; other paid ASEC partners; organizations looking to join ASEC as a paid partner, etc.
  • ASEC Policy Board members will focus on these main areas: 1) developing ideas and strategies to increase more collaboration, cooperation, and coordination between our ASEC public- and private-sector partners; 2) providing an intimate forum for discussion and brainstorming on various initiatives related to saving, retirement planning, etc.; 3) keeping informed and updated on what is happening in the world of financial education (“finger on the pulse”); 4) helping to expand and promote the ASEC partnership (paid and mission partners); and 5) advising on various timely “projects” such as: ideas for foundations to fund, how to make partner meetings most effective, suggestions for speakers and topics for Partner meetings, etc.
  • A report on the proceedings of the meetings will be sent to all of the members of the Policy Board.

The Partners’ Meeting

  • Partners will meet twice each year. This will be an opportunity to bring together the widest possible range of actively involved and mission partners. Prospects for paid partnership will be invited to attend the meetings.
  • An effort will be made to present substantive programs with new research, new organizations, new initiatives, etc. which will educate our coalition partners about “best practices” and give them a “snapshot” of what is happening in the world of financial education. This will encourage them to pursue new initiatives and bring back ideas to their organizations. The selection process for topics will seek to focus meeting time on the highest potential impact opportunities.
  • All attendees and those not able to attend will be polled in advance of the meeting and will be asked to submit information they wish shared with the full group through the website and a written summary. Some initiatives will be selected for presentation at the meeting.
  • All attendees will be invited to bring materials to be placed on a table for others to review/take.
  • Meetings will always include round the table introductions and the floor will be opened at the end should time permit.
  • A report on the proceedings of each meeting will be sent to all members of the coalition. The report will include a summary of the presentations with links to the slide sets from the presenters and links to any reference items mentioned in the discussion; links to all of the materials on the display table; a listing of the announcements during the partner roundtable with links to further information on each annoucement.

ASEC-Government Interagency Group (GIG)

  • ASEC and government agencies come together in this informal forum several times each year for discussion of initiatives.
  • A report on the proceedings of the meetings will be sent to all of the members of the Policy Board.