Advantages of Membership

EBRI: Simply the most authoritative and objective public policy research resource in the nation on employee benefits.

EBRI provides members with objective, top-quality analysis of public policy proposals, decisions, and future directions needed for both strategy and action.

• The bi-weekly Washington Bulletin provides a concise one-sheet picture of significant policy developments.

• The EBRI site on the World Wide Web (www.ebri.org) provides on-line access to EBRI publications, an e-mail link to the EBRI team, extensive library resources, and a password-protected "members only" section.

EBRI keeps member organizations one step ahead by providing timely updates on what is happening in areas of human resources, pensions, and health care—highlighting planning issues and opportunities.

• Monthly EBRI Issue Briefs, EBRI Notes, and Facts from EBRI provide an ongoing flow of
research results, with an e-mail or a phone call making more information available.

• EBRI member meetings provide a means of analysis delivery and the opportunity to explore issues and implications with others.

EBRI saves members time and money; when they need information immediately, they can call on EBRI’s professional team.

• EBRI undertakes over $3 million in research annually that is available to members as it is produced. Members have the opportunity to directly participate in data collection and study efforts.

EBRI saves members money by providing top notch research on a variety of topics of value to multiple departments within organizations—from employee benefits to legal, to finance, to human resources, to marketing, to government relations, to strategic planning.

EBRI is the best "insurance" that organizations can have for staying ahead of public policy initiatives and for understanding policy process dynamics. EBRI members get an objective assessment from EBRI.

EBRI’s long-standing reputation in Washington, DC, and with media across the nation, as the objective employee benefits data and education resource is the critical factor to being heard by all parties.

• EBRI’s work is at the center of the policy process. EBRI provides regular briefings for government staff and the media. EBRI is the most widely cited source in the nation of diverse employee benefits data. EBRI staff regularly appear on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, CNBC, NPR, and other major outlets and are in the print media daily, providing objective data and education on employee benefits and the implications of public policy proposals.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Membership Levels :
Sustaining Membership $28,500
Full Membership $15,000
Associate Membership $7,500
Contributing Membership $4,000

Subscription Levels:
Publications Subscription $1,500
Issue Briefs & Notes Subscription (printed) $199
Issue Briefs & Notes Subscription (e-mailed) $89

For additional information, call EBRI at (202) 659-0670, e-mail info@ebri.org.